Regenerative Orthopedic Fellowship


The American Arthritis Foundation Regenerative Orthopedic Fellowship aims to create a scientifically grounded, evidence-based educational program that concludes with a certification exam. This program allows physicians and healthcare professionals to gain crucial expertise in the field of Interventional Regenerative Orthopedics. The certification is intended to complement, rather than replace, any existing board examinations, equipping medical professionals with the foundational knowledge necessary to deliver outstanding, innovative patient care in the realm of percutaneous orthopedics.


The American Arthritis Foundation (AAF) will form a Certification Committee composed of healthcare professionals at the medical professional level. This committee will be responsible for peer reviewing the certification process, educational curriculum, and examination content for the Regenerative Orthopedic Fellowship. The Committee's mission is to ensure that the certification process is ethical, the educational curriculum is based on scientific validity and evidence, and that the examination and testing procedures are fair, unbiased, and adhere to accepted standards for medical professionals.


The Certification Committee will contribute to the development and implementation of the Certification by holding meetings to discuss the details of the Certification Program, reviewing course content, enduring materials, faculty, and examinations.


Continuing Medical Education Credits will be provided to offer continuing medical education credit for Medical Professional Applicants who successfully complete Levels Basic and Advanced.


Introductory Orthobiologics: providing the practitioner basic knowledge of all orthobiologics including platelet rich plasma, platelet releasate, platelet lysate, same day stem cells, culture expanded stem cells, amniotic/placental products, platelet poor plasma, GF rich serums, cytokines, and growth factors.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Diagnostic scanning of musculoskeletal structures for interventional procedures for the ankle, foot, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, hip, shoulder, and spine.

Pathophysiology of Arthritis and Evidence based interventions: Review the pathophysiology of arthritis and evidence based interventions shown to delay and reverse arthritic changes.

Understanding laboratory measurements for biologic products and Viability studies: Basic laboratory set-up and procedures for preparation of regenerative products will be explained as well as how to interpret laboratory measurements of biologic products and product viability; how to accurately handle, store, prepare for graft and assess the contents of regenerative based products.

Injection Skills for Intra-Articular Approach and Specialized Structures of the Joint: 1 or 2-day didactic workshop covering injection education and techniques, followed by supervised practice session utilizing anatomic cadaver models. These structures include interventional procedures for the ankle, foot, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, hip, shoulder, and spine


Specific Prerequisites: None

• Knee exam

• Intra-articular arthritis assessment under US

• Intra-articular supra-patellar pouch under US 

• Lateral patellofemoral joint under US

• Patellar tendon under US

• Quadriceps tendon under US


Specific Prerequisites: None

• Hip exam

• Intra and extra-articular evaluation and diagnostics under US

• Intra-articular under US

• Labrum and capsular ligaments under US

• Posterior and medial hip tendons under US

⚬ Hamstrings and adductors


Specific Prerequisites: None

• Shoulder exam

• Shoulder diagnostic evaluation under US

• AC joint intra-articular under US

• Biceps tendon under US

• Infraspinatus and teres under US Intra-articular under US and Sub-deltoid under US

• Subscapularis tendon under US

• Supraspinatus under US


Specific Prerequisites: None

• Ankle exam

• Ankle Diagnostic evaluation under US

• Ankle TT joint with US

• Subtalar joint under US

• Achilles tendon under US

• Talo-navicular joint under US

• Calcano-cuboid (CC) /transverse tarsal joint under US

• Lateral and high ankle ligaments (ATF, CF, PTF, AITFL) under US

• Lateral peroneal tendons (longus and brevis) under US


Specific Prerequisites: None

• Foot exam

• Foot Diagnostic evaluation under US

• MTP joint under US

• Plantar fascia under US


Specific Prerequisites: None

• Elbow exam

• Elbow diagnostic evaluation under US

• Elbow joints under US (radiohumeral and humeroulnar)

• Medial and lateral epicondyle under US

• Triceps tendon under US


Specific Prerequisites: None

• Hand exam

• Hand diagnostics evaluation under US

• Finger joint injection under US

• Carpal metacarpal (CMC) intra-articular joint under US

• Wrist intra-articular under US

• APL and EPB-DeQuervains under US


Specific Prerequisites: None

• Spinal ligaments Diagnostic evaluation with ultrasound

⚬ Multifidus

⚬ Supraspinous-Interspinous Ligaments 

⚬ Iliolumbar ligaments

⚬ SI Joint/Ligaments


Specific Prerequisites: None

Active Medical License (RN, APRN, MD, DO, DPM)

• Fully complete and have complied with the application process.

• Successfully completing each Basic Course with a passing score of 70% or higher on examination

• Successfully completing each Advanced Course with a passing score of 70% or higher on examination

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